María Elvia de Hank

María Elvia de Hank is a view from within that observes the life, family, and circle of María Elvia de Hank, the wife of the eccentric millionaire and former mayor of Tijuana Jorge Hank Rohn. As the axis of the project, the wife of one of the richest businessmen in Mexico is observed creating, with her perfectionist’s touch, a social ideal that takes its place as an example in both public and private life.

This feminine axis, perfectly administered, is portrayed against the background that supports it, occasionally awakening doubts in the spectator as to its veracity. A mansion, a collection of animals, a soccer team and its fans, a casino, a school, horses, elegant clothes, all seen through the light and dust of northern Mexico, the land that can be found in a ranch, or a zoo, or some halfbuilt construction.

This volume gathers a body of work reflecting the modes of thought that has brought the aforementioned elements to light, without making judgments and without meeting the expectations of others, be they subjects or viewers. This is a document that includes fragile moments, gestures, encounters between persons and animals: taken together, they depict a lifestyle to which we are seldom privy.

  • María Elvia de Hank
  • Yvonne Venegas
  • 25 copies with a pigment 5.5 x 7.1 in print photo, signed and numbered by the author. All housed in a handmade clamshell box .

$4,550.00 pesos