Sandy's at Waikiki

Daniela Franco

This book goes in search, by means of images and texts, of the Sandy family who seem to have lived in northern California between 1940 and 1960, a typical middle-class family of the time. At least that is the story told by the slides which, for some unknown reason, ended up being sold in a flea market.

Daniela Franco decided to undertake a thorough study of the history of this family, calling on twelve writers who claimed to possess relevant information about the Sandys. They offered clues in the form of notebooks of poems, an obscure documentary screenplay, teenage letters, farfetched conjectures, family stories, collections of objects, and even the testimony of an unexpected eyewitness.

  • Sandy's at Waikiki
  • Daniela Franco
  • Juan Villoro, Enrique Vila-Matas, et al.
  • Hardcover with half jacket
  • 128 pages
  • 114 photographs
  • 8.3 x 6.4 in
  • Design: Galera (José Luis Lugo)
  • Spanish | English | French edition
  • ISBN RM: 978-607-7515-44-9
  • ISBN RMV:978-84-92480-58-6

$260.00 pesos